The timber pest/termite inspection services for termites, wood decay and borers is carried out separately to the building inspection, even though the information obtained from the inspection often overlaps with the findings of the building inspection.

Typically, leaks and water play a major role in promoting and supporting timber pest/termite activity.

Termite Inspection

Pest inspection with thermal camera to detect termites

The base of the building is checked for any signs of termite mudding or damage. Leaks and ponding water are noted, as these are a source of moisture that would support termite activity and promote wood decay.

Hot water unit relief valves and air-conditioning unit condensation pipes provide a constant source of water and can support a large termite colony.

Garden beds and irrigation are also a good source of moisture, and should never be constructed at the base of the building.

The subfloor area is a critical area to check. Moisture and poorly ventilated areas provide ideal conditions for timber pests like termites.

Termite shields do not stop termites but are intended to make their presence more noticeable and thus need to be inspected and checked regularly. Bridged or corroded termite shields are ineffective and do not provide protection from termites.

We perform a comprehensive termite inspection to detect infestations in your property and warn you about possible damages.

Queensland Pine Beetle Inspection

The old timber Queenslander style homes are constructed largely from native pine timber which is the preferred diet of the Queensland Pine Beetle (Anobiid Borer). The floorboards are the most vulnerable to the larvae of the beetle and the underside of the boards should be checked for the tell tale signs of exit holes made by the emergent adult beetles.

The Australian Standards recommends that a building should be inspected for termites at least annually.

Termite inspection Brisbane result showing active Subterranean Termites
This hot spot at the base of the bedroom wall proved to be active timber pests called Subterranean Termites within the wall cavity

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What You Get with Your Termite Inspection

Here’s what you get in the pest inspection service:

  • Fully insured, accredited and highly experienced consultant.
  • A building and pest inspector with a solid background in building, carpentry and pest control .
  • Over 15,000 Timber Pest and Termite Inspections completed to date.
  • When you book with us we make all of the arrangements for access to the property and provide you with a detailed description of what the pest inspection involves.
  • Thorough systematic inspection of the property using detailed checklists that includes carrying out necessary tests. We use the latest detection equipment.
  • Free Thermal Imaging and free Termatrac Microwave Motion Sensing.
  • We encourage you to meet with your Inspector on site and offer ongoing phone support 7 days a week if required.
  • Comprehensive written pest inspection reports that comply with AS 4349.3
  • Pest reports are available to you same day by E-mail or Fax, and hard copies are posted on request.
  • Your pest inspector is available by phone or email for any further inquiry related to the reports.
  • Informed confidence in making your buying decision using our clear and inspection report and ongoing support.
  • Friendly service from a family business that delivers thorough inspections, high-quality written reports and sound advice at a surprisingly competitive rate.

What Your Timber Pest/Termite Inspection Will Cover

  • Timber pests, including termite activity/workings and damage, wood decay and borers.
  • Conditions conducive to timber pests.
  • Non durable timber in contact with the ground or used in exposed weather conditions.

What Your Timber Pest/Termite Inspection Report Will Cover

  • Subterranean Termites.
  • Drywood Termites.
  • Wood Borers such as Anobiid Borer (Pine Beetle in Qld)
  • Lyctid Borer (Powder Post Beetle)
  • Wood Decay (Brown Rot or Cubic Rot in Qld) Dry Rot Fungus is limited to colder climates.
  • Conditions that may cause or promote timber pest activity, such as termites.
  • The use of non durable timbers and timbers with insufficient ground clearance or embedded in the ground.
  • The close proximity of large trees and bushland.

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