With older homes it is advisable to get an electrical inspection before buying your property to identify any dangerous electrical situations. Finding and repairing them after you have purchased the property can be very costly.

This is particularly true if the property you are considering is fairly old, as standards change over time, equipment breaks gradually and problems may be hidden from sight.

In case you like to do things yourself, don’t. Electrical appliances and wiring require knowledge, special tools and experience. Otherwise, handling them can be very dangerous. Thankfully, there are professional electrical inspectors in Brisbane you can bring in to help.

An electrical inspection and a plumbing inspection are not part of a pre-purchase property inspection, as defined by Australian Standard AS 4349.1 Inspection of Buildings, which is the minimum standard that all building inspection companies must comply with.

Electrical wiring and appliances need to be tested by a qualified and licensed electrician using specialised equipment to determine their true condition, compliance and safety aspects. This is something that a regular building inspector is not qualified or permitted to do.

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What Your Electrical Inspection Will Cover

  • Identifying any electrical hazards
  • Checking for unsheathed permanent wiring
  • Examining the power box
  • Testing safety switches
  • Checking power points and lighting
  • Inspect for exposed wires
  • Evaluating whether or not there is sufficient electrical service
  • Checking for out-dated wiring systems
  • Finding out whether the home includes do-it-yourself wiring
  • Testing of smoke alarms and noting the location of the alarms
  • Identifying any electrical items that do not comply with current government regulations

If you require an electrical inspection, talk to us at BuildandPest.com when you book your pre-purchase home inspection and we can provide you with further information and we may be able to refer you to a reliable electrical contractor.

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