Greg checking the roof void

A roof void inspection is an important part of a comprehensive property inspection. The roof of the house should always be accessed, because this is an area that can tell a lot about its age and condition, as well as the watertight condition of the roof coverings and flashings.

Some roof voids however do not have sufficient room for bodily access, but in most cases a roof void manhole is in place to provide access to the interior of the roof. A very bright LCD wide beam torch is used to inspect the interior of roof voids and accessible timbers are tapped and probed.

The tops of the walls around bathrooms and wet areas are important areas to check for signs of termite mudding and damage.

An overview of the electrical wiring is often best done within the roof void to look for obvious signs of handyman electrical or perished cables.

The true condition of old sheet metal roof coverings is best determined from within the roof. Moisture condensing on the under-side of the metal sheeting can cause extensive damage and corrosion over time. Leaks are often more easily located from within the roof.

What the roof void inspection detects

  • Roof tiles and structure may be damaged or deteriorated – we check for sagging, deflection and look for aged tiles that are prone to cracking
  • Reduced roof and loft insulation – the roof should help keep the house insulated from the weather outside and help reduce energy consumption by air conditioners
  • Termites
  • Potential fire hazards, such as insufficient downlight protection
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