The Fluke TiR32 Thermal Camera is specifically designed for the Home Inspection industry
The Fluke TiR32 Thermal Camera is specifically designed for the Home Inspection industry provides free thermal imaging, included with your building and pest inspections anywhere in Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan. We use the Fluke TiR32 thermal camera which is specifically designed for the Home Inspection industry.

Unfortunately, using the naked eye, moisture is very hard to detect. That’s why we need special technology called “thermal imaging”, which uses heat to spot those wet areas in walls, ceilings and floors.

The TiR32 uses a 320 by 240 resolution sensor and the thermal image is imposed over a standard black and white image (IR-Fusion) making it very easy to see precisely the location the camera is reading from. The temperature range (-20C to 150C) is the optimum temperature range for building diagnostics.

The camera has the ability to take still shots and also video shots with voice recording which can be stored on an internal memory card for download onto a computer hard drive.

Fluke provides software that enables the user to analyse the images using different spectrums and the pictures can be converted to a printable file format.

Moisture from a leaking shower base in the en-suite bathroom.
Moisture seepage under the carpet into the bedroom adjacent from a leaking shower base in the en-suite bathroom.
This image shows a damp area on a plasterboard lined bulkhead under the bathroom upstairs.
This image of a hot spot at the base of the wall within a bedroom proved to be active subterranean termites within the wall cavity.

It’s important to note that our free thermal imaging is a useful part of the inspection, but requires the knowledge, skills and experience of a good timber pest inspector to deliver results.

The thermal camera cannot see inside walls. You must employ a professional inspector to point it at the right places and interpret what’s on the display correctly.

For example, the darker lines of the frame are visible because the frame acts as a heat sink draining heat from the wall sheet. Those lines are actually colder sections of wall sheeting.

Conversely, termites keep a constant temperature of 28-32 degrees Celsius. If there are enough termites and the ambient temperature is cooler, this appears as a hot spot.

Analysing the thermal images must also take into account the climate, the current weather, the structure’s use and occupancy, the time of day, the type of construction, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, wiring, construction materials, surface finish, and even colour.

In short, when you hire a great inspector with a free thermal imaging service, you can buy with confidence.

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