Roof Exterior
Examining the roof condition via large extension ladder. will always endeavour to climb upon the exterior of a roof where possible, however strict Occupational Health and Safety Laws do not permit access to areas over 3 metres above the adjacent ground level, unless the area being accessed is safety-railed or has balustrades. We do however carry a large extension ladder and an assessment can be carried out from this, and in some cases binoculars can be used to get a closer look.

We do carry out thorough inspections of roofs that are accessible for damaged or missing roof coverings or flashings. Corroded roof sheeting, eaves, gutters and roof water downpipes are common faults with many older buildings. Typically older metal roofs are lap joined short sections of sheeting, and it is these lap joins that trap moisture and corrode through, causing leaks. The true condition of an older sheet metal roof is often best determined from within the roof void.

Concrete and Terra-cotta roof tiles need the capping tiles re-cementing from time to time, usually around every 12 years or so. The surface coating on the tiles is usually quite weathered at 25 years, but the lack of surface coating does not necessary mean that the roof tiles will leak. This can however add considerable weight to the roof after an extended period of rain, and damp can also permeate to the roof void so keeping a coat of paint or sealant on the roof tiles is recommended.

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